Sunday, May 1, 2011

Welcome to the Program


IDAS 2010 - International Debate Academy Slovenia 2010
Gozd Martuljek, Kranjska gora/Ljubljana, 20 – 28 November 2010

ARGO debates Ploeiesti/Asociatia Romana pentru Gandire si Oratorie, Ploiesti, Romania,
Fundacja Res Publica im. Henryka Krzeczkowskiego, Warszawa, Polska,
Mladinski obrazovni forum/Youth educational forum, Skopje, Makedonija,
Debatų Centro/Educational Debate Center, Druskininkai, Lietuvie,
Associazione per una cultura e la promozione del  dibattito, Padua, Italia
Description of the project
The event aims to deliver a high-standard public exchange of opinions on diverse topics surrounding the integration and expansion of the European Union and the challenges and opportunities these processes bring for the future of the European polis and wider. The main features of the planned event are: i) high-quality training for the development of skills necessary to express opinions in the public sphere. By integrating students into a week-long educational event they are able to upgrade their factual knowledge gained in the sphere of formal education with the tools necessary to successfully implement it and at the same time promote importance of non-formal learning (public speaking, argumentation lectures and drills in small groups with highly qualified trainers from across Europe and wider); ii) to provide a safe and open forum for the participants to express their opinions and views on the development of the European union, its role and form of the European citizenship. The multi-cultural background of the participants will help them to become more aware of the diverse cultures that Europe has to offer and at the same time provide them with the tools necessary to critically evaluate and promote the idea of the common values that they share (open forum discussions, lectures on diverse European processes, integration of the selected themes into the methodology of formal debating); iii) to educate young intellectuals  now, so that they will be able to use their role and skills to further the idea of the need to promote a trans-national public discussion of the European citizenship and its relations to the world (materials will be available for the dissemination before, during and after the event); iv) to provide a platform for the visibility of the selected themes and the importance of non-formal education (in the event promotion we will inform media partners and invite experts and elected representatives and local authorities to participate in discussions). 
The project »DEBATE ANSWERING THE CHALLENGES OF IMMIGRATION AND MULTICULTURALISM« is supported by European Commission, Europe for citizens program,
Information and views   expressed in this material   do not  present the official  statements of the European Commission and   European Commission does not  take any responsibility for them.


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